Coach on HGH Use in WWE, Big Show Not #1 Entrant, Sin Cara Update

The Coach WWE drugs

Jonathan Coachman Nearly Used HGH

In some interesting comments (considering ESPN’s relationship with WWE) Jonathan Coachman has admitted to nearly using Human Growth Hormone and claimed his “buddies in WWE” used it to help recovery from injuries. “I had all my stuff in a FedEx and was going to send it to a doctor where all my buddies went,” he told ESPN Radio.

“At the last minute I was like ‘I’m a wrestler, yes, but I’m not going this as much or the length of time I need to do this for.’ I knew my future was probably (at ESPN) and didn’t want to see my name tied to a clinic like that.”

While HGH is banned under the WWE Wellness Policy, it’s believed that their testing mechanism is not actually set-up to detect it. Even if it was, HGH can leave the body within a day so with random tests of talent, it’s still unlikely anyone would be caught if they used it wisely on off days and didn’t flaunt it backstage. I explored this and the whole history of drugs in WWE, in the Does The WWE Wellness Policy Work? article.

Though HGH is not necessarily the best muscle builder on its own, when combined with insulin and testosterone (which WWE allows for older stars to a certain level) it can be as effective as regular steroids.

Big Show Won’t Be First Rumble Entrant

There was some confusion on RAW, but Big Show won’t be the number one entrant in the Royal Rumble match. Rather he is the first person to be named as an entrant. His actual entry number is yet to be determined.

Sin Cara Not Taking Time Off

Sin Cara noted on Twitter that he won’t require any extended time off after dislocating his shoulder on RAW: