Cena’s Status, Lilian Garcia Incident, WWE 2K17 News, Bubba vs Radio Host

John Cena Not Cleared Yet?

It turns out John Cena is not cleared to wrestle full time and was only brought back because it was WrestleMania. He’s expected to be off TV until after Payback in May.

Interviews he did saying he was cleared were simply to hype WrestleMania.

Lilian Botch Causes Argument

Lilian Garcia made a botch during RAW when she announced the Intercontinental title match before the angle itself had taken place. A WWE employee quickly banged on the apron to get Lilian to stop, but she took this the wrong way and began shouting him down. This led to an argument off camera. It doesn’t look like anyone will be punished for the incident.

2K Were in Dallas

2K were in Dallas for WrestleMania scanning current superstars and legends for WWE 2K17. Alundra Blayze (Madusa) was one of those involved.

Bubba vs Cowherd

Shock jock radio personality Colin Cowherd was called out by Bubba Dudley on Twitter after he mocked the social buzz surrounding WrestleMania: