Jim Ross Has Advice For Big Cass, Eli Drake On His WWE Firing

Big Cass should keep his head down

The rumors are swirling surrounding the release of Big Cass, from going off script to causing a scene with former girlfriend Carmella, to being an obnoxious Trump supporter.

Ultimately, there was probably a number of reasons for the firing, but Jim Ross has some advice for the big man:

“All he’s gotta do is figure out how I can get better how I can cure the perceived ills that I may or may not have. Your world’s not over,” said JR on his podcast.

“Don’t say anything stupid, don’t do anything stupid just get better. You’re too damn young with too much of an upside to not be able to resurrect yourself without question. Let’s keep an eye on how Big Cass progresses.”

Eli Drake had heat with Bill DeMott

In a recent appearance on Xpac’s podcast, Impact Wrestling’s Eli Drake discussed why he was released from WWE developmental back in the day:

“If I’m honest, at the core of it, it’s me. I’m so not good at hiding my feelings, and Bill DeMott and I did not get along. What a surprise, everybody! This just in! Bill DeMott didn’t get along with somebody. It was very strange, because he would come in some days and like, we’d be cool. Another day I’d come in, I’d be like, ‘good morning, Bill.’ He’d look at my hand and just walk away and not shake my hand. It’s like, you’re the head coach. Like, you’re supposed to be the example. He’d say, ‘ah, I’m working, I’m working.'”