Jerry Lawler No Longer Fulltime, WWE Sign Model and MMA Trainee, JR Gives Styles Mad Props

Jerry Lawler Only On Legend’s Deal

WWE revealed in a statement this week that Jerry Lawler no longer has a full time announcing and host gig with the company, and is now only under a Legend’s contract. This type of deal keeps him available for Network content, interviews, appearances etc, but he is not a full time part of the crew.

WWE told 411Mania:

“Jerry Lawler has a Legends agreement with WWE, however, he will no longer regularly appear on our pre-shows. He will continue to host special events, including WWE’s annual Hall of Fame celebration at WrestleMania.”

WWE Sign New Woman

According to her social media accounts WWE have signed model and MMA trainee Julie Real to a developmental contract:

“So everyone wonders why I’m always MIA … Well, this is why, I’ve been working towards dreams and proud to say I am now officially signed with WWE! Like what I’ve learned through years of martial arts…each belt only means that you become a student all over again in that bracket. This is just the beginning of my journey and I am so thankful for those who have been there for me. I’d like to give a special shoutout to all the people who have made this possible for me.”

JR Calls AJ The Best

In his latest blog Jim Ross says AJ Styles is currently the best in the business:

“Athletically, AJ is the second coming of the great Shawn Michaels and they both possess natural, innate timing that can’t be taught. AJ Styles, for my money, is the best in ring talent in the business today. He’s the type of athlete that WWE can build a brand around.”

Despite the TLC injury Styles will still be defending his title against James Ellsworth on tonight’s Smackdown.