Jeff Hardy Wants WWE Return? Bobby Roode Appears, Nikki Update

Jeff Hardy wwe

Jeff Hardy Wants WrestleMania Retirement

TNA’s Jeff Hardy told Sports Illustrated that he wants to retire at WrestleMania:

I know I’m getting close to the end. I can feel my body telling me something. I don’t know how much longer I’ve got, and naturally I would love to end with a WrestleMania and I would love to have a Hell in a Cell. That’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and I’ve always wanted to headline ‘Mania.

Whether WWE would bring him back depends on if he could pass medical and concussion testing.

Bobby Roode Appears At Download

Bobby Roode made another NXT appearance at the Download Music festival spot in England today. It’s not clear if he’s officially under contract yet.

Nikki Bella Drops Rack Attack

Nikki Bella noted on Twitter that when she returns she will not be doing the Rack Attack because of the stress it puts on her neck:

That being said, it’s still not 100% clear whether she will be allowed back.