Was James Storm At NXT? Cena Off EU Tour, Carmella Injured

James Storm NXT

James Storm Denies NXT Appearance

Buzz on social media last night from fans claiming to be at the NXT show in Nashville suggested James Storm was in the crowd, which seemed to be a continuation of the “shots fired” by Finn Balor, who was snapped doing the suck it gesture outside TNA’s offices.

Storm himself however denies that he was at the event:

Considering everybody has a smart phone these days, the fact that there is no pictures of Storm at the show would suggest he’s telling the truth.

Interestingly however Storm is actually no longer under a TNA contract, so it’s also possible he was there on the quiet (perhaps not directly in the crowd).

John Cena Dealing With Personal Issues

WWE.com has announced that John Cena will not be on the European tour in November due to “personal reasons.”

He will be taking a full break from the company following Hell In A Cell. The specific reason for the time off is not yet known.

Carmella Injured Last Night

NXT Diva Carmella was injured last night at NXT, during her match with Eva Marie. There are multiple reports of what went down, from Eva kicking her in the head, to Carmella herself botching a back bump.

It seems a lot of fans are happy to jump on the Eva hate-wagon, but the facts surrounding what happened are just not known. Both Eva and Carmella are in-ring rookies, and it “aint ballet” as they say.