Will Hogan Be At Mania? New Video of Set, Orton vs Bray Will Be ‘Special’

Hulk Hogan Wrestlemania 33

Hulk Hogan Addresses WrestleMania Status

Hulk Hogan has revealed that he will not be taking part in this year’s WrestleMania during a signing at his new Hogan’s Beach Shop in Orlando yesterday. The WWE Hall of Famer told around 250 fans that the company had not booked him for the 33rd mega event from the Camping World Stadium, despite it only being a few miles down the road. However he was happy to reminisce slamming Andre The Giant 30 years ago at WrestleMania 3.

Hogan's Beach Shop Orlando

Today is the grand opening for Hogan’s second attempt at the shop, which is now located on International Drive. The 63 year old has not been used by WWE since 2015 when his sex tape was leaked and contained racist comments.

The Hulkster will be back at his store from noon until 4pm Sunday, signing autographs.

WrestleMania Set Takes Shape

Instagram user theunstablenerd has shared a new video of the humongous WrestleMania set, which is still being built at the Camping World Stadium in Orlando for Sunday. The WrestleMania logo is fixed to a towering 3D globe and the above ring lighting, screen and rain protector is held under a metal replica ring.

Wyatt Hypes Showdown With Orton

WWE Champion Bray Wyatt hyped his WrestleMania showdown with Randy Orton in a recent press conference. “It’s beautiful. It’s beautiful. And going into the biggest event of the year, me and Randy have so much history together now,” explained the ‘Eater of Worlds.’

…there is the twists and the turns, and how bad I really just want to hit him! Ha ha. It gives the fans a platform, to really invest in something, and that’s a tribute to a lot of people. But it’s going to be something special man, that I promise you.

Wyatt will be defending his Championship in a single’s match against Orton this Sunday, but it will not be the final match on the card. The betting odds have Bray favorite to win, with possible outside help from Luke Harper.