Heat Between Orton and Lesnar? Lana Wrestling Update, Del Rio Wants McMahon President?

Orton Pissed At Brock Lesnar

In a recent interview with USA Today Randy Orton discussed getting a concussion during his Summerslam match with Brock Lesnar:

I think with Lesnar, it’s always going to be him coming in every few months as a monster who destroys guys who work 200 days a year … There is a tendency for that to get old. I could have looked a little better that night and that would have helped me a lot regardless of the finish and not hurt Brock’s character at all. But the fact that you’re asking me about it three-four months later, means we created a buzz. But the fact that I had a concussion and was out for three weeks and wasn’t able to do anything pissed me off.

We say this a lot in the back when someone gets hit harder than intended, we knew what we were signing up for. It’s a rough sport. It’s a rough business and very physical. A few more people need to respect how things can go sour out there.

Lana Continues To Wrestle

Lana continues to train and have non-televised matches for NXT. Her 15th official bout took place last night in St. Petersburgh, FL. She defeated Sarah Bridges (aka Crazy Mary Dobson) with a fisherman’s spinebuster.

Del Rio Says Linda Would Be Better Than Trump

TMZ caught up with Alberto Del Rio and Paige this week and asked them about the Trump presidency and Linda McMahon being appointed to his administration. Del Rio said he thinks Linda would be better than Trump as President: