Heat On Lana, NXT Star Released, Sami Zayn Update, Foley Tired With WWE Booking

Lana WWE heat

Heat On Lana For Leaking Engagement?

According to the Wrestling Observer there is backstage heat on Lana because she leaked the news that she was engaged to Rusev in real life. Rather than it being a planned storyline, WWE went with it because the cat was already out of the bag. It’s speculated that Lana revealed the engagement because she wanted out of the Dolph Ziggler storyline and to return to Rusev, which she saw as a better career move. However this may have backfired as WWE are now punishing her for it.

Solomon Crowe Released

Solomon Crowe has been released from his NXT contract. It’s believed that he asked for the release, rather than WWE firing him. Crowe has been in developmental since 2013, but never really got any traction.

Sami Zayn On UK Tour

Although this doesn’t necessarily mean he will be wrestling, Sami Zayn is booked for all of December’s NXT tour dates in the UK.

Mick Foley Shoots On WWE

Mick Foley continues to be highly critical of WWE’s creative direction in his Facebook blogs. His most recent post even claims he’s close to no longer being a fan:

GETTING CLOSE I'm going to quote an article from July, 2014, called "The Sad Case Of Zack Ryder" in which I wrote: "…

Posted by Mick Foley on Tuesday, November 24, 2015