HBK Turns Down Wrestlemania, Bellas Talk Dropped Feud

Shawn Michaels Wrestlemania

Shawn Michaels Turned Down Wrestlemania 32

At his recent “An Evening with Shawn Michaels” in Manchester, England, HBK revealed that he was offered a major role at Wrestlemania 32 but has turned it down. He said that while he still has a lot left in the tank, “if you have a gun you don’t fire everything in it.”

He explained that he feels like there’s nothing left for him to accomplish so there’s no need to keep coming back.

Michaels also revealed that he was the one who came up with the “I’m sorry I love you” story for his match against Ric Flair at Wrestlemania 22.

He said it came to him while in bed and he had to jump up and write it all down.

Why Bella vs Bella Was Scrapped

The Bella Twins held nothing back when asked about their dropped feud against each other at Wizard World Comic Con.

“I was really excited. The Authority got put out of office, it was my last day as CinderBella. I could get revenge on Stephanie, then they just looked at me and said they were ending it. We call the new story JobberBella,” says Brie.