Hardys NOT Returning To WWE? Big Show Retiring After WrestleMania, Bischoff’s Latest Project

Broken Hardys WWE

Hardys Staying With ROH Through Summer

According to Jeff Hardy he and brother Matt are not headed to WWE any time soon and are staying with ROH until at least the Summer. He told CBS that “there is no truth … whatsoever” to rumors that WWE recently offered them contracts.

He didn’t however rule out a return later this year. “We know some people there and naturally after WrestleMania dies down, maybe a couple of months from now, we’ll see what’s possible.”

Big Show’s Last WrestleMania

Big Show revealed this year’s WrestleMania will be his last in an appearance on the Jim and Sam Show on Sirius XM. This would obviously also imply that his retirement is imminent.

The 45 year old was originally scheduled to face basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal on Sunday, but due to unknown reasons he will now take part in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Eric Bischoff Helping Independent Promotions

Eric Bischoff Announces The IRW Network Officially Launches June 1st

On the eve of WrestleMania 33 former WCW President and RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff is announcing his latest endeavor, IRWNetwork.com, is officially launching on June 1st!

In conjunction with the launch Bischoff has also announced that between now and June 1st fans will be able to sign up for premium accounts on IRWNetwork.com FOR FREE! Meaning all content and amenities being rolled out on the site will be free to users until June 1st.

IRW stands for Indies Rule the World and has been a project that Bischoff has been developing for over a year. The IRW Network’s mission is to give popular independent artists, wrestlers and entities the ability to launch their own over the top channels and offer fans premium content at a low price point of between $1.99-$3.99 per month.

IRW channels will feature videos, podcasts and editorial offerings from each artist all in one place.

Here is what Bischoff had to say this past Thursday night at WaleMania 3 in regards to the launch, “It will really be a hub for all things independent wrestling and culture. We are going to have thousands of hours of some of the best wrestling footage from around the world available. People will be able to log on, download and enjoy. We are going to have podcasts with some of the top podcasters from around the world. We are going to have all kinds of great content. Thousands and thousands of hours. Some of the best independent promotions from around the world. I am very excited.”

IRW is proud to announce that it’s first two announced content providers are Title Match Wrestling and Joe Dombrowski. Both are well known amongst independent pro wrestling fans as destinations for some of the best independent pro wrestling content on the planet. Some of the matches already available on IRWNetwork.com courtesy of them include Sabu, John Morrison, Kenny Omega and more.

IRWNetwork.com also features a fan forum as well as a global calendar that will begin to be filled with details about independent events from around the world. An IRW app that will pair with the site will be rolled out as well before the official launch on June 1st.

Bischoff himself will also be offering a weekly “overrun” podcast on IRWNetwork.com to compliment his weekly full length, free podcast Bischoff On Wrestling.

WrestleZone and 120 Sports’ Nick Hausman will serve as the Executive Editor for the IRW Network and had the following to say, “When you think about innovation in pro wrestling it’s hard not to think about Eric Bischoff. I’m very excited about some of the big names and content providers we will be rolling out over the next two months. Keep your eyes peeled to IRWNetwork.com because you never know what or who may jump on board next!”

If you have any questions, media inquiries or if you think you would be a good content provider for IRWNetwork.com please contact Nick Hausman at hausmanmedia@gmail.com.