Goldust Leaving WWE? Paige’s Status, Would Vince Bring Punk Back? NXT Release

Goldust Posts Cryptic Tweet

Goldust posted the following Tweet this week about “walking away,” leading to speculation that he may soon be leaving WWE:

At 47, Goldust is the oldest active competitor on the roster.

Paige Staying But Needs Surgery

The latest word on Paige is that she is staying with WWE, but will likely need surgery before she can return to the ring. The 24 year old has been out with an injured neck and Tweeted the following on Thursday:

Cena On If Punk Is Welcome Back

TMZ recently caught up with John Cena and asked him if he thought Vince McMahon would ever bring back CM Punk:

“If I know one thing about my boss Vince McMahon, he always does what’s good for business, if it’s good for business it will work out. The name in the question doesn’t matter about that, if it’s good for business, it’ll work out.”

Soccer Star Released

Former UK soccer Goalie Stuart Tomlinson (Hugo Knox) was granted his release from NXT this morning. He had yet to debut on TV.