Goldberg WWE Network Show? Adam Rose Talks Creative, Kane Talks Lesnar UFC


Goldberg Open To Network Show

In a recent interview with Ring Rust Radio Goldberg revealed that he’s been in early talks to do a car show with WWE:

“You asked me about the WWE Network and if I would ever do anything with them. They actually have a car show sitting right in front of them that they are a little bit interested in. You never know. I have no issues whatsoever working with the WWE as you see with my involvement with WWE 2K17.”

Adam Rose Shoots On WWE

Adam Rose was a recent guest on Vince Russo’s podcast and said WWE is a terrible place to work if you’re a creative person yourself:

“You’re not going to be happy when your artistic expression has been squashed and destroyed. That artistic side of you is dying and that’s what gets to you emotionally and that’s what makes people eventually sad. Some people can deal with it, some people can get a paycheck and deal with it and be happy about it and other people unfortunately can’t like it that well.”

Kane On Lesnar’s UFC Return

In an appearance on Like Father Like Son Kane discussed Brock Lesnar’s one fight deal with UFC:

“I think that’s good for both brands, frankly. Brock Lesnar is one of those guys, like The Rock has done in movies… Brock has done the same thing in UFC and MMA. He has transcended WWE and that sport, and I think he helps bring UFC and MMA fans into WWE, and vice versa. So anytime someone has crossover appeal like that, I think it’s good for everybody.”