Goldberg ‘humbled’ by WWE Hall of Fame

Goldberg WWE Hall of Fame

Bill Goldberg says he’s ‘humbled’ to be headlining the WWE Hall of Fame, 2018 class.

“This accomplishment could not have been made without you all. I’m very honored and humbled to be inducted,” said the WCW legend on Instagram.

He added: “After being knocked on my ass all weekend with this damn flu, not a bad way to kick off the new week! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who has ever been a fan.”

ESPN broke the news ahead of tonight’s RAW.

“At the end of the day, any business, any venture that you embark upon, you want some type of acknowledgment,” the 51-year-old told

“You always try to make it to a top. There’s no reason to do anything unless you want to be the best.”

Goldberg, who ended his most recent run following last year’s WrestleMania, seemed to leave the door open for more matches when he cut his farewell promo on RAW – saying ‘you never know who or what is next’.

It’s no secret that the former World Heavyweight Champion was banged up following his series with Brock Lesnar and found it particularly difficult to stay pain-free, but could he tough it out and have another bout this year?

He told ESPN: “I’m always living and breathing and looking for my next venture — and who’s to say it couldn’t happen there again?”

This year’s WWE Hall of Fame ceremony takes place on Friday, April 6, ahead of WrestleMania 34.