Gail Kim Shoots on Stephanie McMahon’s Women’s Revolution

Gail Kim Stephanie McMahon

Why didn’t Stephanie care about the women when Gail Kim was in WWE?

Gail Kim thinks Stephanie McMahon’s ‘women’s revolution’ is disingenuous and has questioned why female wrestling wasn’t focal when she was with the company.

The Impact Wrestling Hall of Famer recently told Press Slam:

“I love all the girls there in WWE. I haven’t met all of them because I’ve been gone a long time, but wrestling is a small world. I’m fans of some of these girls. I support them and I want them to do what I couldn’t do there. I’m happy for them.

“This is probably going to cause a commotion [like] anytime I say anything about Stephanie McMahon, but for me, I don’t like when [she] will all of a sudden say: ‘Woman power or revolution.’

“She’s been there the whole time. Why, all of a sudden, are you completely changing your mind and dismissing the fact that you never spoke of this before? That’s the part that I don’t like.”

Despite winning the WWE Women’s Championship in her first televised match in 2003, Kim said she still felt the need to ‘white-wash’ herself to keep management’s interest over the years – dying her hair blonde and trying to fit a certain mould.

The Canadian, of Korean heritage, also believes WWE never saw ‘people of color’ as marketable during her run and only found happiness in wrestling with TNA.

She described their current focus on women as ‘business and marketing.’

“The next step is for them to be paid in full. If they have a main event slot at Royal Rumble, then they should be paid accordingly. I’m not sure if it’s happening, but I’m going to have to say that I doubt it.”

Gail Kim retired from in-ring action earlier this year but continues as a producer and agent with Impact Wrestling in Canada. She was with WWE between 2002 and 2004 and then again between 2008 and 2011.