Flair’s WWE Deal Expired, Nikki Return Update, Would Bischoff Return?

Ric Flair No Longer Under WWE Contract

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair is no longer under any kind of contract with the company, be it a Legend’s deal, ambassador or performer. This doesn’t mean he won’t make sporadic appearances, but WWE has no long term investment in him. He’s now back making appearances and earning some money from his podcast.

Nikki’s Future Still In Doubt

Despite being persistent and training to get back in the ring, WWE have not made an official decision about whether Nikki Bella will be brought back as a wrestler following her neck injury.

Meanwhile here is the trailer for E!’s Total Bellas spin off:

“Total Bellas,” spin-off of E!’s mega-hit series “Total Divas,” gives viewers exclusive access into the lives of The Bella Twins and their significant others, John Cena and Daniel Bryan, as the WWE Superstars move in together and enter a new chapter of their lives, both professionally and personally. The series kicks-off with Nikki and John being sidelined by injuries and Daniel’s recent retirement from the ring. This docu-series will follow the odd-couple relationships of these eccentric WWE Superstars as Brie does her best to nurse, not only Nikki, but John and Daniel back to health. With Nikki’s recent neck surgery, Brie’s retirement at WrestleMania, Daniel’s untimely retirement from WWE, and John’s rising profile in Hollywood, fans will get an exclusive beyond-the-ropes glimpse into how these dynamic individuals juggle their reality and prepare for their uncertain futures.

Would Eric Bischoff Take GM Role?

In a recent interview with Main Event Radio Eric Bischoff was asked if he’d ever take an on air WWE role again:

“Highly doubtful. Because I haven’t gotten a call. And I’m a little busy; I’ve got stuff going on. Not to be coy or cute, I think that time has passed. I had a great time, I worked there for 5 years and it was one of the highlights of my career. Times change, people change. I think a character like mine I’d come back for a week or two or three but then after that people would get tired and say this is the ‘same old, same old’ kind of thing.”

Bischoff also discussed many names that worked with him in TNA now making it in WWE:

“You name three guys who are probably the one bright spot of my time in that other organization. There are all 3 some of the most quality people as human beings and as professionals. I’m thrilled to death for AJ Styles as I am for Samoa Joe. I think Bobby Roode is probably one of the most under-estimated, highest potential talents that WWE could get their hands on so I’m thrilled to death for him. I won’t say that Samoa Joe is underrated because most people recognize what a special athlete he is, but if you get to know him on a personal level you cannot find a better person so I’m thrilled to death.”

Bischoff is currently involved in a lawsuit with TNA related to his former production role with the company. It’s believed he is owed money.