Flair Talks Blood In Wrestling, Garvin On HOF Induction, Divas Triple Threat At Wrestlemania

Ric Flair bleeding

Ric Flair Misses Blading

On his recent podcast Ric Flair says he misses blading but understands why WWE doesn’t typically allow blood.

The person that I bled the most with would either be Wahoo McDaniel or Dusty Rhodes. I’d have to say Dusty, probably. We both had no problem doing that. And, it’s not that it’s a lost art. I think it’s just a health precaution and, obviously, it’s safer for the guys not to be doing it. For an old timer like me, I miss it. But I think there are occasions for it, but, obviously, there are health reasons and the safety issues the company has become much more aware of, the concussions, the blood, and stuff like that. I think it was a necessity, but do I miss it? Yes. I can’t critique [or] be critical of the company trying to make it better for the guys, safer.

As seen with Roman Reigns on RAW it seems the company are no longer opposed to a bit of planned blood, as long as its fake and not from blading.

Jimmy Garvin Talks Freebirds Induction

Jimmy Garvin discussed being inducted in to the WWE Hall of Fame in an interview with Sporting News:

I was really quite surprised. Michael has mentioned something about it. We didn’t really talk too much about it because it was in Atlanta a few years back. People would say “Atlanta feels like the place” but Dallas is a great place, too, because of what we accomplished and what we did in Dallas.

He also discussed his career away from the Freebirds:

I’d say it’s one of them. I had a pretty good run down in Florida. I wrestled Harley Race for the world title and went an hour broadway with him. I wrestled with the Briscos down in Florida. I had a J.J. Dillon as a manager. I had the legendary Buddy Rogers as a manager at one time. I had Killer Karl Kox as a manager at one time. That’s pretty heavy company to be with and we had some good feuds down there. That was good times for me. The AWA was good times for me with Rick Martel. We used to have magical matches. It reminded me of the matches David and I would have because we blended so well together. In Crockett’s territory, there was Wahoo McDaniel. I never felt I had a great match with (Ric) Flair. I just never did. I really never felt that I had anything to be proud of working with Ric. It just didn’t mesh that good. I don’t know why. The chemistry just wasn’t there.

Charlotte vs Becky vs Sasha Is Official

It was revealed on SmackDown that there will indeed be a Diva’s Triple Threat for the title at Wrestlemania, between champion Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks.