Fans Hit By Car Door On RAW, Tyson Kidd Update, Brawl At Hogan’s Restaurant

Brock Lesnar Cadillac

Lesnar Throws Door In To Crowd

Thankfully nobody was hurt, but when Brock Lesnar destroyed J&J Security’s Cadillac on RAW, he threw a car door in to the first crowd row near the stage. The fans in question were reportedly allowed backstage as a gesture of good will.

WWE have also shared footage of the car being hauled away after the show:

Tyson Kidd’s X-ray

Tyson Kidd has shared an image of his X-ray following neck surgery, saying he’s lucky to be alive:

Video of Huge Brawl at “Hogan’s Beach”

TMZ have posted a video of a huge brawl and Hulk Hogan’s “Hogan’s Beach” restaurant in Tampa, Florida: