Fans Duped By Vince Arrest, Cena Talks Growth Hormone, Hogan Praises Del Rio

Vince McMahon NYPD

Fans Call NYPD

According to TMZ several over enthusiastic fans called the NYPD over Vince McMahon’s ‘arrest’ on last night’s RAW. Perhaps kayfabe isn’t dead after all?

Cena On Peyton Manning Allegations

During his appearance on Today, John Cena addressed the allegations that football star Peyton Manning uses Human Growth Hormone. Cena expressed solidarity because people assume he may be doing something illegal when he walks into a room because of his size.

While there doesn’t seem to be any proof that Cena or Manning is using HGH, as I explored in my history of WWE drug testing article, HGH is difficult to test for because it leaves the body so quickly and in WWE’s case it’s been claimed that their blood tests do not pick it up anyway. So if he was on it, he likely wouldn’t get caught.

Speaking of Cena he got more than he bargained for when Mike O’Brien kisses him on the lips in the following interview:

Hogan Calls Del Rio Impressive

After watching RAW Hulk Hogan Tweeted tonnes of praise on Alberto Del Rio: