Eva Marie On Fan Heat, Off Air R-Truth Party, The New Day On ESPN

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Eva Marie On Fans Hating Her

WWE Diva Eva Marie discussed the heat she gets from fans in a recent interview with Fan Sided:

Walking into the WWE I was brand new; I did not know how things worked. Deep down I wanted everyone to cheer and adore me but this is the WWE where it doesn’t work that way all the time. There’s a good guy and a bad guy, and I am pretty badass bad guy.

Now that I have the training behind me, I think that really shows I do have the skills and talent to become a well-rounded wrestler. I think it goes back to me asking Vince [McMahon] and Triple H on wanting to go back to NXT to hone my craft and learn the ropes. I feel extremely confident when I walk out there now and I embrace the boos and the craziness from the WWE and NXT Universe.

At one of the live events somebody had a sign that said “If Eva Marie Is Here We Riot.” I thought that was pretty cool. The crowd reaction is something that I definitely love. When I first started if I walked out from behind that curtain and heard a pin drop or deafening silence, then you have to look at switching something up. Now, I am embracing my heel character to the fullest.

R-Truth Gets Birthday Celebration

WWE gave R-Truth a surprise birthday celebration off air on this week’s SmackDown. Truth turned 44 on Tuesday:

Watch New Day On ESPN

The New Day were this week’s guest on ESPN SportCenter’s “Off The Top Rope” segment: