ESPN Host Calls Out Steve Austin Over ‘Unfortunate’ Language, Karl Anderson WWE Update

Steve Austin racist

Steve Austin Called Out For Saying Shucking and Jiving

An ESPN host has accused Steve Austin of carelessly using racially charged language in reference to the Titus O’Neil situation.

On his podcast Austin said: “It’s not a time to be shucking and jiving out there, so lay some type of punishment down, fine him this, that or whatever. I don’t know, something was inappropriate.”

Shucking and jiving is a Southern term that dates back to slave times, but can also just mean “goofing around” at an inappropriate time. Which is exactly what Titus did.

In response Bomani Jones of The Evening Jones said Austin used an “unfortunate choice of words.”

Interestingly Austin was shooting down the idea that Titus’ suspension was down to racism when he made the comments. Jones wrote on Twitter: “when you try to say something wasn’t racist, but you say ‘shucking and jiving.’ that’s unfortunate.”

Twitter is now blowing up with angry wrestling fans accusing Jones of essentially calling Austin racist.

Karl Anderson Makes Final NJPW Appearance

The Japanese wrestling press have confirmed that Karl Anderson is the next Bullet Club member to be headed to WWE and has just finished up his last NJPW appearance: