Enzo Shoots On Cass, Dana White Wrestles, HHH Praises UK Star

Enzo Cass Street Fight

Enzo calls out Big Cass for ending match

Former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore (now going by Real1), has called out Big Cass for bailing on their Brooklyn Street Fight on RAW last August.

Enzo suggests Cass, who suffered a torn ACL, should have finished the bout. He explained on the Store Horsemen podcast:

“Me and him don’t talk. We haven’t. Not since Brooklyn, but I don’t have any ill feelings, like dude it was one of those deals in that time where I was like, I said, ‘you can forgive somebody, but you’ll never forget it.’ And, I just looked at the situation that we were in, bro. We had the number one f–king ratings draw of the year in 2017 by breaking up, and then the hottest storyline going into SummerSlam and then it died off and then the Big Show got involved, and then they had their match where I was locked up in them bars and s–t. But the next night was our blow-off.

“So [we do] the blow-off, and I know I’m going to 205 Live, I’ve known that for months. I was the one who pitched it. I was coupling my music with a live tour with 205 Live, that was the pitch. So, I know that I’m going to 205 Live the next day, me and him are done with our feud, and basically, I’m in the ring [in] Brooklyn, the payoff is I get this f–kin chair in my hands. You tear your ACL in our business. I mean, Triple H tore his quad and sat in a Sharpshooter. Stone Cold took a piledriver and was paralyzed in the ugliest school boy in the history of the f–king business. I’ve been picked and thrown down the ramp, have a sciatic issue from f–king sensitivity class from prison… I let you pick me up and throw me over your head and throw me out of the f–kin ring. I made you look like the biggest beast there ever was because I was more invested in you as a human and a wrestler and doing business with you in the future than anyone else, right? We can make money down the line for 10, 20 years in that business. And in the moment when I pick up a f–kin chair in Brooklyn, and they’re going apes–t f–kin buck wild, you were all out of the ring and quit on live f–kin TV in the most awkward moment ever.

“And we to the backstage bro, and you know people talk. You know how the business is. If I’m Vince McMahon, and I gonna invest — look, you have WrestleMania, main event. We expect you to go out there [and have a] half hour, 45-minute match. You tear your ACL in the first five minutes. They have to know you’re gonna stick it out. That’s the business we’re f–kin in. And in that moment, I like, and it was immature at the time, but not really, because it was the first time in my life in wrestling where I ever went, ‘bro. I can’t forgive you for this.’ Like, I’ve let people kill me for the past five years. I’ve taken the heat in every one of our matches, every f–kin bump. And I get this chair in my hand, and you’re standing up, and you can’t take a chair shot? We’re pros, dude. This is what we f–kin do. You catch the chair on the fly, and DDT me on it. Match over. Whatever we have to do as pros in the moment to finish the match. That was where I stood, and we haven’t talked since.”

UFC President in ring with Lawler

UFC President Dana White took part in a pro wrestling angle with Jerry Lawler on Friday. As seen in the video below, White and former UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Serra helped Derrick King get the pin over Dustin Starr.

The event was held at Jerry Lawler’s Bar and Grille in Memphis. Footage was also filmed for Dana White’s Lookin for a Fight.

Triple H praises Jordan Devlin

In a recent piece by the Irish Mirror, Triple H had some kind words to say about UK Tournament star Jordan Devlin.

“He’s one of the guys that has stuck out the most. I’ve seen Jordan working throughout the year for various promotions that we have alliances with, like OTT. I’ve been impressed with how he’s progressed throughout the year,” Triple H said. “I was really impressed with him at Download [Festival, where he faced Tyson T-Bone in the tournament’s first round]. I thought he did a phenomenal job.”

NXT stars tussle with tiger

Check out this clip of Ricochet, Fabian Aichner, and Killian Dain in a tug-of-war with a lion cub at the San Antonio Zoo!

Should Eddie Guerrero get a tournament?

In a recent interview on The Roman Show Vickie Guerrero was asked about the possibility of her late husband Eddie Guerrero being honored by WWE with his own tournament.

“I always dream about that,” said the former SmackDown GM. “Me and the girls we always talk about If Eddie could be relived they’d have a tournament someway, but it never is too late am hoping that if WWE is watching or listening am hoping that, we’d love to see Eddie have his own tournament named.”

Vickie also discussed her time in the ring and writing a book.