Emma Surgery Update, Batista Shoots On Steph, Another Release

Emma Has Successful Surgery

WWE’s Emma noted on Twitter that her back surgery was successful. The recent main roster call-up was sidelined with a ruptured disc and will now need several months to rehab.

Batista Mocks The Stephanie Slap

Former WWE star Batista took a shot at Stephanie McMahon on Twitter when she posted about her “slap” being her finishing move.

Now that he’s a movie star Batista doesn’t hold back his criticisms of WWE. Although he’s believed to be a friend of Triple H’s, Hunter never attended his most recent wedding and there is believed to be some friction over the way he was last used on TV. Triple H brokered the deal for his return so shares some of the blame for how it went.

Alex Reyes Released

NXT announcer Alex Reyes (Alex Del Barrio) who was released yesterday has already fired back through Pro Wrestling Sheet. He suggests that part of the reason for his firing is that he’s a lifelong wrestling fan, and the company look down on fans because they cannot be taught the “WWE way” as easily as non-fans.

Backstage there has always been a negative vibe towards “marks for the business.” AJ Lee famously got heat for tattooing the date of her Diva’s title win on her neck, because that’s what a “mark” would do.

From Vince’s perspective those that take took pride in “wrestling” end up being more difficult to work with.