Legend Hospitalized, Bret Hart WWE Network Dispute, Samoa Joe Locked To NXT?

Dynamite Kid

Dynamite Kid Suffers Stroke

Wrestling legend the Dynamite Kid is currently hospitalized in the UK after suffering a severe stroke over a month ago. The Wrestling Observer is reporting that he’s getting his speech back but his already poor physical condition has only worsened. At one point the 57 year old’s vascular dementia was so bad he thought he was in a wrestling ring.

Bret Hart Gets Stampede Pulled From Network

Bret Hart is currently in a legal dispute with WWE over the rights to his father’s Stampede Wrestling footage. WWE claim they purchased the rights from Bruce and Ross Hart, but Bret claims he owns all footage that features himself. At the moment all Stampede content has been removed but it’s possible it will come back without any Bret matches, that or WWE will have to pay him royalties – assuming Bret is correct.

Samoa Joe Not A Main Roster Prospect

It’s believed that Samoa Joe is considered an NXT exclusive talent and there are no plans to bring him up to the main roster. His job is to help bolster the brand and get others ready.