DX Theme Singer Dies, Adam Rose Charges Dropped, Nash On Orlando Shooting

Chris Warren Dies At 49

Chris Warren, who provided the vocals for the original DX theme “Break It Down” and Triple H’s “My Time” theme, passed away on June 12th, at the age of 49. So far the cause of death is not known, but was described as “sudden.”

Warren performed live at WrestleMania 14 and that year’s Summerslam. He also did tracks for TNA’s No Surrender 2007, Genesis 2007 and Final Resolution 2008.

Adam Rose Gets Some Good News

After he underwent marriage counselling and taking in to account the statements of his wife, prosecutors have decided to drop the charges against Adam Rose for domestic battery. This would technically mean WWE should reinstate him, but they already mutually agreed to part ways.

Kevin Nash Chimes In On Shooting

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash posted the following comments on social media, regarding the recent Orlando nightclub massacre:

When a mass killing attacks our citizens I get real fucking angry. Hurts my heart that their existence is categorized as LGBT. When we say 49 people were killed then maybe our brothers and sisters, friends and lovers will be seen as Americans not gay Americans. The Supreme Court made same sex marriage a law. Let’s stop putting our family in categories. If their sexuall preferences were the reason so be it. The killer had been in the club before this horrible act. Looking to hook up. We can blame radical Islamic believes as the reason. Mental instability is the culprit in my mind. Let’s not hate our Muslim brothers and sisters. Let’s hate the hate.