The Dudleys and Sting Return, New Wyatt Member, Divas Not Happy

Dudleys return

The Dudley Boyz Are Back … With Tables

It was a night of surprises on last night’s RAW from Brooklyn, kicking off with the shock return of the Dudley Boyz. After New Day’s tag title defence, the classic Dudleys theme hit and they cleared house. Next they peformed the “Wazzup!” on Big E, and put Xavier Woods through a table with the 3D. They then asked the Prime Time Players (who were on commentary) “do you know who we are?”

It’s not yet clear what their contracts entail but it certainly seems they’ve been brought in to boost the tag division.

Sting Challenges Seth Rollins

The other big shocker was the return of Sting.

All night the authority were hyping the unveiling of a Seth Rollins statue (similar to the Bruno, Warrior and Andre statues). However when the time came, Sting was hiding in the box!

In anger Triple H has since booked Sting vs Rollins for Night of Champions.

A Giant Wyatt Debuts

Making his debut on RAW was a new giant member of the Wyatt Family, who single-handedly destroyed Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. He is known as Braun Strowman and has only briefly been seen down in NXT.

Divas Fire Back At Crowd

The Brooklyn crowd were not very receptive to the Divas last night, who took to social media to voice their displeasure. Brie Bella wrote on Instagram:

“So proud of my Foxy @thefoxxyone but the Brooklyn crowd can kiss my ass.”

Nikki wrote:

“WWE Brooklyn shame on you for disrespecting women that put their bodies on the line for your entertainment. As for the ones that supported us, THANK YOU! You make it worth working so hard and having this revolution!”

Paige noted on Twitter:

“You helped us create change and then did your best to disrespect. Niceeeee jobbbbbbbb!”