Dudley Boyz DVD Trailer, Hall of Famer Wants Reigns Heel, Mason Ryan Resurfaces

Dudley Boyz DVD

Watch Straight Outta Dudleyville Trailer

Here is the trailer for WWE’s upcoming “Straight Outta Dudleyville: The Legacy of The Dudley Boyz” DVD and Blu-ray set, out in April.

Billy Graham Wants Reigns Heel

Controversial WWE Hall of Famer “Superstar” Billy Graham wrote a blog this week calling for WWE creative to turn Roman Reigns heel:

WWE Script Writers

Actually, script writers are not a bad thing to have for 99% of the WWE roster, the Rock being the exception. Even the the Rock is handed a script for his movies and told, “hey, here is your script, now get it memorized and lets make this movie.” I mean, do you think Arnold came up with that famous line “I’ll be back” ? No, plus Arnold is a horrible actor to this very day. Jesse Ventura was far better than Arnold when he was in his movies especially with that great line “I ain’t got time to bleed”. Jesse didn’t come up with that line, a script writer did. These writers of today would have spelled death to me because I, along with Dusty, were able to come up with our own lines and we could think for ourselves. The success of reading a script is all in the ability to deliver that line. Cena proves that. After all wrestlers are like Broadway actors, who are handed a script. As a Dylan lyric goes, “You’re just an actor in a plot and that’s all that you got.” It’s all in the delivery folks.

With no interest by the WWE to have me or anyone else help Roman Reigns with his verbal skills, I suggest after his matches with Triple H they turn him heel and find a mouthpiece for him. What I would like to see happen is after their first match, go for a return match in a cage with Shawn Michaels as the special ref at mania 32 in Dallas. They need some more star power for this coming mania other than the Rock cutting another promo. With Vince as the ref for tomorrow nights RAW in the Reigns vs Sheamus match, ratings will go up, then back down the next week without Vince on TV. This RAW match tomorrow night with Vince is a perfect spot to get Triple H involved. Anyone out there have a better idea?

Mason Ryan Takes Up Archery