DeMott’s Daughter Dies, RAW Preview, Rollins’ Ethnicity, Khali Commercial

Bill Demott

Bill DeMott’s Daughter Dies

Our thoughts go out to Bill DeMott, whose 20 year old daughter Keri passed away on Saturday after a motorist veered out of their lane in Brevard County, Florida, and went head-on in to her.

The driver in question, 22-year-old Keith Pumphrey is still in a critical condition, but Keri sadly died of her injuries.

The crash remains under investigation and charges are pending.

Keri DeMott

Tonight’s RAW Card are hyping the following 5 points for tonight’s RAW:

– Are New Day On The Rise?

– Can Seth Rollins fire back at Kane?

– Will Big Show make a comeback?

– Will Summer Rae help Rusev win gold so they can get married?

– Will Sasha Banks continue her winning ways?

Seth Rollins Is Armenian

Seth Rollins clarified his ethnicity during a recent interview with the Chicago Tribune:

I’m half Armenian and half German and Irish. My biological dad was Armenian. My last name is Lopez and I have a darker complexion, which throws people for a loop. My mother’s first husband is Mexican. That’s where I got Lopez. I grew up eating Mexican food at home, but he was very American. He didn’t grow up in Mexico or speak Spanish.

Khali In Cement Commercial

Former WWE star the Great Khali is featured in a new funny commercial for an Indian cement brand. Check it put below: