Why Del Rio Left WWE, New PC Coach, Big Show Snaps Rope, Jake Roberts Wanted To Die

Paige Joins Del Rio At Press Conference

Alberto Del Rio held a press conference today in Mexico from a Hooters restaurant. He confirmed his WWE departure and explained that he didn’t feel comfortable with what was going on behind the scenes. He also feels he had nothing left to accomplish so it was the right time to go. The former WWE Champion revealed he is already in talks with AAA and CMLL.

Paige joined boyfriend Del Rio at the event but did not talk to the press. It’s believed she too is on her way out of the company.

A lot of their issues with the company stem from the relationship, which they claim WWE tried to nix.

Former WWE Star Gets Coach Role

Former WWE star Scotty Too Hotty has been signed as a coach for the Performance Center:

Attitude Era favorite Scotty 2 Hotty — aka, Scott Taylor— began coaching NXT recruits full-time this week in Orlando, Florida. A former WWE Tag Team and Light Heavyweight Champion, Taylor visited the Performance Center as a guest coach in June, and has competed in WWE and NXT as recently as 2014.

Famous for his outstretched hair and crowd-pleasing “Worm” taunt, Taylor became one of the most popular WWE Superstars of The Attitude Era, teaming regularly with Too Cool partner Grandmaster Sexay and WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi.

He joins another former teammate at the Performance Center in the form of Head Coach Matt Bloom. Bloom and Taylor partnered in 2001-2002, while Bloom competed under the moniker of the “Hip Hop Hippo” Albert.

Big Show Breaks Rope

The rope broke at the recent WWE house show in Manila, when Big Show went for a middle rope splash on John Cena. Check it out below:

Jake Roberts Talks Addiction

In a recent interview with the Toronto Sun Jake Roberts said at one point he was basically trying to die:

“There were several times that I was basically trying to die. I remember cursing God and cursing the devil because neither of them had the balls left to take me. It was just the way that I felt, because I was just so disgusted with my life, and so ashamed at what I had become, and angry about blowing marriages and screwing my kids over. They were my children, and I was a lousy father. That’s the bottom line.”

“I was doing an eight-ball every day. And some days, it was two eight-balls. I went through a ton of money doing drugs. My drug dealer lives very well in a nice house, and he’s doing pretty well for himself, I guess. But it’s not him, man. It was me – I made that choice.”