Del Rio Calls Press Conference, Foley Rooting For Punk, Scott Hall Update

Alberto Del Rio To Address WWE Situation

Alberto Del Rio who is expected to leave WWE shortly, has invited the Mexican press to an event tomorrow where he will address his status with the company. Meanwhile his girlfriend Paige has reportedly hired legal representation because she believes WWE has been punishing her for the relationship. She too may be on her way out.

Paige is currently injured and serving a 30 day suspension for what was believed to be adderall, an ADHD medication that has the recreational effect of amphetamine (speed). This may explain her recent weight loss.

Mick Foley Sends Punk Video

Speaking of CM Punk, he had the following to say when asked if he’d ever return to wrestling by Sports Illustrated:

“A long time ago I stopped saying ‘never,’ but that’s a loaded question,” Punk explained. “I don’t know the answer. No matter what I say, it’s going to take on a life of its own.”

“When I started wrestling, I never wanted to go to WWE,” said Punk, who wrestled in Japan in 2003 for Pro Wrestling Zero1. “It was the Japanese life for me. I romanticized guys, like [Eddie] Guerrero, [Chris] Benoit, [Chris] Jericho, who went over there, and it just sounded like such an awesome life. You’d go over there for two, three, four weeks, and you come back and nobody knows who the f— you are. I could go get ice cream with my sisters without being harassed, and that was always my style.”

He also discussed Brock Lesnar testing positive following his UFC fight with Mark Hunt:

“I think it sucks. I get tested by USADA all the time, and I’m the drug-free kid. It’s like when you’re driving on the highway and the cop is behind you – ‘Well, I wasn’t speeding, and my taillight isn’t out, but let me slow down.’ The whole thing bums me out. Brock came back, he fought an impressive fight and won, and then he failed a test. It bums me out when anybody fails a test.”

Scott Hall Back On Track?

DDP and Scott Hall himself say he is back on track following the recent airport bar incident: