DDP Remembers Dusty, Big Show On WWE Lawsuits, NXT Divas At RAW

DDP Dusty Rhodes

DDP Remembers Dusty Rhodes In New Video

DDP has shared a new video remembering his friend, the late WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes. He said without the American Dream he would have never made it:

Big Show Says Wrestlers Know What They’re Getting In To

TMZ caught up with Big Show and asked him about all of the recent wrongful death lawsuits against WWE. He said:

“I think that everybody who steps through those ropes knows what could possibly happen. You gotta accept that responsibility as a talent if you step those ropes, whether you’re a boxer, ultimate fighter or sports entertainer. I’m sorry for people’s loss. I go through it too, I’ve got [problems with my] knees, back… but that’s the decision I made to do what I do for a living. You can’t blame everybody else for stuff that you chose to do. I’ve seen how much they’ve gone above and beyond to take care of the talent and do everything they can where no one ever did that before.”

Charlotte and Sasha at RAW

Local advertising for Monday’s RAW from Atlanta is promoting NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks and Charlotte. So expect them on the show.