Daniel Bryan Will Wrestle Again? Bayley Update, WWE 2K18 Roster Reveal

Daniel Bryan returning

Brie Says Bryan Will Wrestle, Even If Not For WWE

In a recent appearance on the From The Top Rope podcast, Brie Bella said she thinks Daniel Bryan will wrestle again, even if it’s not with WWE:

“If WWE doesn’t allow it then I said go somewhere else, it’s all on you,” Brie says she told Bryan. “Obviously he would love to get back in that WWE ring but I know for a fact my husband’s going to find his way back to the ring. He honestly is.”

“So you know, I told Bryan – literally my husband since the day they told him – they told him he had to retire, I’m not kidding you, like weeks later, he started going to doctors on his own being like, ‘How can you help me?’ And from that moment, which was pretty much two years ago, he has been doing every kind of testing to every kind of experiment you could imagine for the brain. And he actually found one – it’s this oxygen hyperbaric chamber or something, sorry, he’s so dedicated.”

“He flies himself all over this country to get treatment. He has already done 40 treatments. It’s just passion and dedication. And I told Bryan, you do have a daughter, always remember that but if the doctors finally give you the green light, go. This is your dream and passion, you have one life to live, I will never hold you back. Because I love to wrestle and I would hate if someone told me you can’t do it.”

Bayley Discusses Shoulder Injury

Bayley said she was unsure about how long she will be out with her shoulder injury, in a interview with PWInsider.com.

“I just started physical therapy. So, for right now, I’ve never had an injury before that’s kept me out before, so I’m kind of taking it day to day. I’m not really sure how long [I will be out]. If it’s a couple of [weeks] or if it’s a few months of what’s it going to be right now, but it’s separated, it’s a grade-two separation. It’s like the AC joint and the ligaments and all that stuff, so it’s not easy.”

“Just within the past couple of weeks – I think it’s been two weeks now – I’ve actually been able to move it a little bit and the swelling has gone down a lot. So, the motion is coming back a little bit more, but it’s more about getting the strength and being able to lift my arm in front of me. Like I can’t do my own hair and it’s really hard to do certain things, but I’m just trying to get back as soon as possible, but at a safe pace as well.”

First 46 WWE 2K18 Roster Members

The WWE 2K18 roster reveal is officially underway with 2K’s confirmation that there will be plenty of competition from the new list of playable characters.

This week, 2K announced the addition of 46 Superstars to the WWE 2K18 roster of playable characters. The supersized list includes many familiar faces from WWE and NXT as well as the 2K debuts of new WWE Cruiserweight Champion Akira Tozawa and the nefarious NXT alliance known as SAnitY.

The 46 Superstars joining the WWE 2K18 roster are:

Bray Wyatt
Dolph Ziggler
Sami Zayn
Dean Ambrose
Baron Corbin
Akira Tozawa
Sin Cara
Hideo Itami
Eric Young
Jinder Mahal
Bushwhacker Butch
Bushwhacker Luke
Karl Anderson
Luke Gallows
Nikki Cross
Alundra Blayze
Summer Rae
Brie Bella
Nikki Bella
British Bulldog
Buddy Roberts
Diamond Dallas Page
Big Boss Man
Mark Henry
Bam Bam Bigelow
Bret Hart
Dusty Rhodes
The Undertaker
Big Show
Andre the Giant
Luke Harper
Erick Rowan
Sawyer Fulton
Alexander Wolfe
Killian Dain
Braun Strowman

This list follows previous announcements by WWE and 2K regarding the presence of other notable Superstars in the upcoming WWE video game. Seth Rollins is this year’s WWE 2K18 cover Superstar. WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle will return to the virtual WWE Universe as the WWE 2K18 Pre-Order Bonus.

In addition, a special WWE 2K18 Cena (Nuff) Edition will pay tribute to the legendary 15-year career of John Cena and will also add WWE Legends Batista and Rob Van Dam to the competitive mix.