Daniel Bryan Cleared? Sasha Trains With Indy Star, NXT Paycheck Details

Daniel Bryan return

Daniel Bryan Cleared By Own Doctor

Daniel Bryan told fans at Wizard World in Chicago yesterday that a “very respectable” doctor has cleared him to wrestle but WWE are still being cautious about allowing him back in the ring. WWE’s main concern is concussions not his neck and shoulder.

After a superstar has several verified concussions WWE consider them concussion-prone and do not want to risk them suffering any permanent brain injuries as was seen with Chris Benoit, Test and others. This is why Christian and Corey Graves have retired, and it’s speculated that this is why Dolph Ziggler’s main event push was never restarted. Mick Foley also retired from the ring due to signs of degenerative brain disorder CTE.

Sasha Banks Trains With Former TNA Star

NXT women’s Champion Sasha Banks has been getting some extra training in for Takeover Brooklyn and Summerslam, with former TNA X-Division Champion Amazing Red. She posted the following on Instagram:

I wonder if she’ll get the same heat as Eva Marie for training with Brian Kendrick?

NXT Stars Don’t Get Bonuses

Although WWE stars traditionally get bonuses for PPVs and large events, NXT talent have yet to receive anything above their salary according to the Wrestling Observer. Of course this isn’t out of the ordinary for WWE’s development territories, but NXT is unique in that it’s an actual brand that now tours the country.

WWE’s explanation to talent is that NXT does not turn a profit so bonuses aren’t good business, but Dave Metlzer says this might change after Takeover Brooklyn, since it’s sold out the 13,000 seat Barclays Center.