Bryan At RAW? Triple H Meets With Kurt Angle, Sunny Out of Hospital

RAW Preview

Daniel Bryan has been travelling with wife Brie for tonight’s RAW, hinting that he might make an appearance on the show, which takes place in Pittsburgh. Here they are after eating out in the city: are hyping the following 5 points for tonight’s show:

– Road to WrestleMania now clear for Triple H.

– Will WWE’s prodigal son be able to withstand his father’s cruel machinations?

– Will #KOMania become #WrestleZaynia?

– How will Brie retaliate against Lana?

– Does Styles vs. Jericho IV await? If so, when will it happen?

– The New Day to defend WWE Tag Team Titles against The League of Nations.

Triple H and Kurt Angle Meet At Arnold Sports Fest

Kurt Angle was at the Arnold Sports Festival last week and reportedly met with Triple H. While it wasn’t a formal meeting, one has to wonder if they talked about Angle coming back to WWE in some capacity.

Angle and Triple H met the other year but it’s believed he was deliberately offered a full time schedule, which the company knew he couldn’t meet. They didn’t want him to be a performer due to his health and past personal issues, so let him down without coming outright and saying it. However in recent months Angle has been more open about retirement and suggested he could become a manager for Jordan and Gable.

Sunny Suffering From Colitis and Diverticulitis