Dana Brooke Debuts On RAW

Dana Brooke RAW

NXT star Dana Brooke joined her partner Emma on Monday night, making her official main roster debut. The 27 year old former bodybuilder and model was introduced during a backstage segment where Emma interrupted Becky Lynch’s interview spot. Emma warned her that she needed eyes in the back of her head, and then Brooke attacked her from behind.

According to the Wrestling Observer one of the reasons Brooke was promoted, is to help fill the void left by heels Naomi and Tamina – both who are out injured.

During the segment Brooke referred to her partnership with Emma as EnD – “Emma and Dana.”

Dana Brooke, who has earned several bodybuilding titles and competed in the Arnold Classic, did not have any wrestling experience prior to signing a developmental deal in 2013. She has only been on TV since last April and is not necessarily as advanced in the ring as other NXT wrestlers. However she has developed a solid heel character that can easily transition to the main roster.

In January nude photos of Brooke leaked online, but it seemed to fly under the radar of WWE management and obviously hasn’t affected her standing in the company.