Coach Drops ESPN WWE Segment Over JBL? Angle Praises Sting, Sunny In Sober House

JBL’s Bullying Sparks Repercussions?

Jonathan Coachman has vowed to stop hosting ESPN’s WWE ‘over the top rope’ segment, seemingly because of the JBL bullying scandal.

The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer challenged the Coach on Twitter for only doing fluff stories and not covering WWE objectively.

Initially the former WWE personality defended his show, but eventually announced that he was going to stop doing it altogether.

Judging from the Tweets it would seem the show might continue, just not with the Coach. He himself has been on the receiving end of many distasteful pranks backstage during his WWE run.

Although WWE SmackDown and 205 Live announcer Mauro Ranallo has not publicly blamed JBL from his recent absence (and likely departure), it’s believed bullying exacerbated his depression and bipolar disorder and he suffered a crisis.

Meanwhile Justin Roberts has been doing the media rounds promoting his book, which includes several stories of JBL and others bullying him in WWE.

Kurt Angle Calls Sting Greatest Ever

New RAW GM Kurt Angle called Sting the greatest ever in a new Instagram post:

Sunny Talks Recovery

WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch revealed to TMZ that she is currently in a ‘sober house’ covered by WWE: