Fans Freak At CM Punk Game Rating, JR On Rooty Tooty Booty, What Are ‘Back of the Bus Boys’?

CM Punk EA UFC 2 rating

CM Punk Rated Too High In EA UFC 2

Some fans are freaking out on Twitter because CM Punk is ranked “85 out of 100” in the new EA UFC 2 video game, even though he hasn’t had a fight yet. In typical Punk fashion he responded with the following:

JR On Jericho’s New Catchphrase

Jim Ross was pretty blunt regarding Chris Jericho’s new catchphrase. “Rooty Tooty Booty. Really? What did I miss here or am I too far out ot the target demo to get it?” he wrote in his latest blog post.

He also called out the 50/50 booking of Titus O’Neil:

“Titus O’Neill seems to be evolving but then he gets beat up after getting his win vs Stardust which is a great example of non vertical, 50-50 booking that helps who?”

WWE Stars Respond To ‘Back of the Bus’ Outrage

There was some misunderstanding on social media after Chris Jericho called The Usos “back of the bus boys” on RAW. Some people took it as a racial segregation comment, but many WWE stars took to Twitter to clarify that “back of the bus boys” are those that party on the WWE tour buses.