Chyna Does Yoga, Nikki 2nd Longest Diva’s Champ, Seth On Being Banned

Chyna Yoga

Chyna Doing Yoga

As part of the “Reconstruction of Chyna” the former WWE star is doing Yoga, not regular Yoga or DDP Yoga, but her own wrestling infused Yoga. Rob Potylo posted up a video of himself and Chyna going through the moves:

Nikki Comments on 2nd Longest Diva’s Champion Reign

Nikki Bella has just surpassed the 2nd longest WWE Diva’s championship reign. She wrote the following on Instagram:

Seth Rollins On Being Banned From Festival

Seth Rollins Tweeted about being on the “prohibited items” list at this year’s FarmBorough Country Music Festival in New York. It’s believed that Rollins is friends with some of the organizers – an obvious joke: