Chyna Fires Back, Amell Training, How Ring Ready Is Austin?

Chyna Roddy Piper

Chyna Denies Piper Funeral Incident

Chyna has denied Sean “Xpac” Waltman’s claim that she “bumrushed” Triple H at Roddy Piper’s funeral earlier this week. She admits that she quietly spoke to Triple H, but there was no “incident.”

“I whispered in his ear how deeply sorry that I am for anything that I said under emotional distress. With everything I’ve gone through, I know it’s understandable, but I realize that it’s not justifiable. I wanted to tell him that, for me. There was no altercation, there was no security. It was a tender moment between two people who once cared about each other and [are] grieving over a lost friend.”

Speaking of Chyna she recently told the Bell 2 Bell podcast that WWE had planned to give her the World title before she did Playboy:

“It was actually in the pipeline and ready to happen, but when Playboy came along and wanted me to pose for them, I had to make a choice. Vince (McMahon) told me if I did Playboy, I could never be world champion. I’m a woman, I like to feel pretty and liberated, and be able to kick some ass too, so I chose Playboy and was never world champion.”

Stephen Amell Training For Summerslam

Green Arrow actor Stephen Amell has been putting the work in to get ready for his Summerslam tag match, however he has already suffered an injury in the gym. He was doing lifts with a barbell and cracked the bar to his jaw, breaking his molars and taking a chunk out of his tongue. He explained the situation in a pair of videos:

Austin Needs 4 Months To Be Ready

On his recent podcast with UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier, Steve Austin he could hypothetically be ring ready if he had a 4 month intensive camp, but he won’t be doing Wrestlemania 32:

“When people always ask me, ‘hey, would you have one more match at WrestleMania 32?’ No, I’m not, but I always tell people, but here’s the thing: I had a gutful – I had a good time, but what it would really take to perform at WrestleMania 32 for anybody who has been out of the ring, especially for as long as I have, you know, 12 or 13 years, you would have to go through a damn near full shoot MMA camp.”

NXT Kids Pilot Leaked

A pilot episode of a planned project called NXT Kids was leaked online this week, though has since been removed. The concept had kids helping with commentary, interviews and video voice overs, and the action took place in the NXT ring. There were kid segments such as viral video of the boy who could name all of the WWE stars, and all in all was a kid friendly show.

Since it’s a pilot it doesn’t mean they’re going ahead with the project, but it seems they’re considering trying to reboot Saturday Morning Slam with an NXT twist. This would presumably be a Network show.

Brie Bella Praises Jeff Hardy

In a recent interview with M Live Brie Bella named TNA’s Jeff Hardy and Lucha Underground as two of of her all time favorite wrestlers:

“For past superstars, for a woman, I’d have to say Melina. She had the sex appeal and I loved the way she stood out in the ring. As far as past men go, I loved Jeff Hardy. He reminds me of my husband in a way. He’s quieter, but has a presence in the ring that’s like, wow.”