Jericho’s Future, Jeff Jarrett Marketing Scam? Bullet Club Tease


Chris Jericho’s Current Run

On a recent episode of Talk Is Jericho Y2J criticized people for trying to guess when he’s next leaving WWE:

“For all you jack offs that think you can predict what my future is, I’m not going anywhere … Am I going to be here next week? Yeah! Am I going to be here one more month? I’m not going to tell you. You’re just going to have to wait and see.”

Jeff Jarrett Peddling Gold

In a bizarre move Jeff Jarrett has decided to begin affiliate marketing for a sleazy gold investment product. Even more bizarrely he is using the GFW name to do so!

At you’ll find a clichéd marketing page and a cringe-worthy video of Jarrett attempting to sucker in fans.

Once you’ve handed over your information you’re sent to the following video:

I don’t know what this says about the state of GFW or Jarrett’s own finances, but it doesn’t promote a very professional image.

Finn Balor Teases Doc and Anderson

Finn Balor continues to tease the Bullet Club/Balor Club. At last night’s NXT house show from Concord, NC, he held up the following sign:

Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson have both signed with the company and were backstage at WrestleMania and RAW. It seems to be a waiting game.