Charlotte’s Mom Shoots On RAW Angle, James Storm Tease, Owens Blocks Celeb

Charlotte Reid Flair

WWE Lambasted For Using Reid Flair’s Death

In one of those head scratching moments WWE used the death of Reid Flair on RAW to add heat to the Paige vs Charlotte storyline. In the segment Charlotte brought up her brother’s death and how Paige was there for her at the time. Later Paige said that he “didn’t have much fight in him,” to spark a brawl between the pair who were signing their Survivor Series match contract.

While it’s clear that Charlotte, Paige and Ric will have given their blessing, Reid and Charlotte’s mother Beth was not happy:

It’s a very odd situation considering WWE are so over the top with their image these days.

Storm At RAW Next Week?

James Storm hinted at a RAW appearance next week when it’s in his neck of the woods. Then again he’s made a lot of teases lately so don’t believe it until you see it:

Owens Blocks Melissa Joan Hart

WWE Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens blocked actress Melissa Joan Hart on Twitter after she called him lazy:

It’s possible that this is some kind of work as Hart has been appearing as a celebrity talking head on WWE Network shows.