Cesaro’s Return Confirmed, Austin Praises Enzo and Cass, Finn Sings Samoa Joe Happy Birthday

Cesaro return

Cesaro Booked For EU Tour

Cesaro is booked for the upcoming European tour starting April 15th. Unless he makes a shock return and joins the IC title match, it’s unlikely he will be back for Wrestlemania.

Enzo & Cass Are Money

On his recent podcast Steve Austin heaped praise on Enzo & Cass, calling them money. Despite Enzo’s charisma he believes Cass has the biggest upside:

Enzo has a ton of energy and is very charismatic. ‘Big Cass’, talk about a guy that is 7 foot there. And I like what Enzo says. He’s talking about, ‘you can’t teach that’ and that’s a great catchphrase and it happens to be true. This kid’s 7-foot, good looking kid, and pretty damn athletic. A real bright future for both of these guys, but, in particular, when you look at ‘Big Cass’, there is no ceiling for this guy if he keeps catching on like he has.

Video: Finn Balor Sings Happy Birthday

Finn Balor sang happy birthday to Samoa Joe at yesterday’s NXT house show. Joe turned 37.