Cesaro Censored, Foley Praises Owens, Cena Responds To Nomination

Cesaro censored

Cesaro’s Middle Fingers Censored

The USA Network broadcast of Cesaro vs John Cena from last night’s RAW was briefly censored after Cesaro channelled Steve Austin and flipped the bird. RAW is always on a slight delay so the production crew can censor any mishaps. Here’s what it looked like unedited:

Mick Foley Says Owens Would Have Made Him Better

Mick Foley recently posted on Facebook that if Kevin Owens was around when he was in his prime, it would have made him better:

No matter where I was during the course of my career, I always felt comfortable in knowing that my character was unique and that my matches were going to be different than anyone else’s on the card. I really think that if Kevin Owens had been around while I was in my peak that he would have forced me to become a better wrestler – to increase my limited offensive arsenal, and to step up the cardio to keep up with his faster pace. I appreciate that so many people miss me on their TV sets each week, but I’m not really gone. Kevin Owens is a faster, stronger, more aggressive version of me who you can see each week on WWE Raw and WWE SmackDown.

So does Foley fear Owens? In a way. I’m afraid that when wrestling’s history book is written and the topic of top wrestlers with unorthodox body types is discussed, that my name will no longer be first on the list!

Cena On Humanitarian Award Nomination

John Cena had the following to say about being nominated for the inaugural ESPN Sports Humanitarian of the Year award: