Cesaro Annoyed At Being Left Off Poster, Jake Roberts Shoots On Honky, Steiner Recalls Bar Fight

Cesaro Left Off Swiss WWE Poster

Cesaro was not happy that he was left off the WWE tour poster for Switzerland, which makes sense considering he is the “Swiss Superman”:

“Honky Tonk Man Is A Real Piece Of Sh*t”

WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts may have mended many fences in recent years, but his feud with the Honky Tonk Man is not over. In an appearance on the Primo Nutmeg show, he said:

Working with the Honky Tonk Man at the time was okay, but since then he has become a real piece of s**t, you know, because he’s trying to buy people’s names and own them, and if you try to use your name you would have to pay him. He has tried it with too many people now. He has a few names under his belt; he took The Patriot, he has the trademark registration, so now any money that is made by The Patriot, the money goes to him. He even tried that with my name– can you believe that? That scumbag piece of s*it also owns Jim Duggan’s name. I hate to be The Honky Tonk Man when Jim Duggan gets a hold of him. It’s not going to be pretty. I ran into him recently and I just stared at him. The man has no balls; he just ducked his head and just sucked up to some girl that was working for him at the Con. I’ve seen it in the past where he would dress his son up and call him The Patriot and cheap the fans out of money and sell them bogus Patriot stuff, it’s like, come on man. What are you? I guess that is what drunks do; I used to be a drunk but I never did anything that dumb.

The former IC Champ doesn’t seem bothered though, he Tweeted the following response:

Rick Steiner Recalls Epic Bar Fight

Rick Steiner was a recent guest on Hannibal TV and recalled a bar fight involving himself, Haku, Curt Hennig and Rick Rude:

Back in the day I could give you a handful. You got Haku — I’ve been in LA and some of those cities, I’ve been in St. Louis, and that thing he does it really works. We were sitting in a bar, me and Curt Hennig, St. Louis and these marines come in and they were drinking and by the end of the night one of them comes over and says ‘What are you guys hanging out with –‘ [Haku]. He thought he was black. I said ‘He ain’t black and if I was you I wouldn’t.’ He said ‘Well we’re marines and we’ll do whatever the hell we want.’ And I said ‘Not tonight, it’s gonna be a bad night if you guys do something to him.’

It just kept going worst downhill, downhill, and finally a couple went over and started messing with Haku and it was freaking kick, kick, and up in the throat. Then four or five of them were laying and the rest of them were looking, it was me, Curt, and Rude, and Rude took a couple guys out and it was over before it even got started.