Cena, Rollins and Cesaro Update, New Day Plan Wrestlemania Entrance, JR On Shane’s Return

John Cena, Seth Rollins, Cesaro

Cena, Rollins and Cesaro At Performance Center

John Cena, Seth Rollins and Cesaro have all been rehabbing at the WWE Performance Center this week:

WWE: Dr. Jeff Dugas checking in on the rehab progress of a couple of #WWE superstars today in Orlando. #SportsMedicine #KeepEmHealthy

Posted by Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center on Thursday, March 3, 2016

The New Day Planning Special Wrestlemania Entrance

Big E told Guide Live that the New Day are planning a special Wrestlemania entrance but it could get nixed:

We’ve already kind of started getting people excited about our entrance – which I’ve kind of wanted to temper expectations, but we had some media hits this morning, and Woods and Kofi were already telling people to look out for our entrance. So, I suppose our WrestleMania entrance is the big plan. There’s a good chance that it all gets nixed, and people are very disappointed, but we have something cooking.

He also said he’s most looking forward to the Hell In A Cell match:

I think that’s such an interesting matchup with so much on the line that a lot of people will have their eyes turned to that one. And also, I’m really excited to see what the women will do. I’m not sure what that match will be. If I had to guess, I’m assuming, possibly it looks like maybe we’re looking at a triple threat for the Divas title – Charlotte, Becky, and Sasha appears to be lining up. There’s a decent amount of pressure on those women with the whole ‘Diva’s Revolution.’ I think a lot of people are excited to see what they do to represent for all the talented women in wrestling.

Jim Ross Talks Shane and CM Punk

In a recent interview with Yahoo! Sports Jim Ross discussed the return of Shane McMahon:

Honestly, I was shocked to see him back. You learn early on in this business to never say never, especially in this case because the bloodline runs too deep. The match itself won’t be Ric Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat or “Stone Cold” vs. The Rock, but it won’t be Dada 5000 vs. Kimbo Slice, either. If your expectations aren’t unreasonable, it will be great match. There will be big spots, crash and burns and things like that. I think the storyline of Shane not losing his place in the McMahon lineage is great. You can really make this an interesting story.

JR was also asked whether CM Punk made the right decision to leave WWE:

Yes, because he was miserable with the WWE. He could have probably went on to do something else in wrestling if he chose to. But he seemed as if when he left it was cathartic for him. He’s a very introspective guy with a high IQ who seemed to be more at peace leaving the turmoil of the WWE behind. But it has kind of followed him with the lawsuit with the WWE and the injuries that have postponed his UFC debut. I think he’ll stay the course and eventually make his debut. What kind of career he will have? I’m not so sure. He’s an attraction. A well conditioned Kimbo Slice, if you will. He’s a student of the game and I would never discount his desire. I think he made the right call because you can’t stay in an environment and be miserable. It’s unhealthy mentally and physically. He seems to be happier now that he’s married and now he’s at home more. He’s so good at wrestling, there’s no reason that he can’t eventually circle around and come back, if he wanted to. He’ll never have a problem finding work but his window to try new things like the UFC is small. Until he proves that he’s a skilled fighter, his cache is his reputation as a pro wrestler with the WWE. Brock Lesnar was the same way until he proved he could kick some ass.