Cena Taking Time Off, NXT Wrestler Gone, SmackDown Preview, New Day Thank Undertaker

John Cena and Nikki On Hiatus

John Cena and Nikki Bella are on hiatus following WrestleMania. The future married couple have been pulled from all house shows through the Summer so they can focus on movies and other non-wrestling projects.

It’s possible they may make the odd WWE TV appearance between now and Summerslam, but as of now they are not going to be regular performers.

The exception may be tonight’s SmackDown where they could formerly announce their departure.

Female NXT Star NOT Done

UPDATE: Dobson has since changed her account back to normal and said she is still with NXT for the time being.

Sarah Bridges (aka Crazy Mary Dobson) has left NXT, as noted by her removal of the brand from her Twitter handle and the reopening of her ProWrestlingTees page. The 23 year old has been with NXT since November but hasn’t had much TV time. It’s not clear what led to the departure.

Debuts Planned For SmackDown

WWE.com is teasing several ‘debuts’ for tonight’s SmackDown LIVE from Orlando. Possible names that could show up include Shinsuke Nakamura, Shelton Benjamin, Andrade Almas, and Tye Dillinger, based on public comments and NXT booking.

No matches have been announced for the show, but these other points are being hyped:

– A phenomenal ascent by AJ Styles.
– The Viper reigns yet again.
– Team Blue is feeling the GLOW yet again
– More to come between The Lunatic Fringe and The Lone Wolf?

The New Day On TMZ

The New Day appeared on TMZ Sports this week and discussed the retirement of the Undertaker:

“He’s always talked about in this Godfather-like way,” Big E said. “And it’s well earned, everyone always has had such respect for him. At this moment you want to celebrate this great career, but you’re also mourning the end.”