Bulldog HOF Status, Goldberg Calls Out Roman, Jake Roberts Update

Bulldog Hall of Fame

British Bulldog Hall of Fame Petition Update

For those who have seen the “British Bulldog for WWE Hall of Fame” petition floating around over the past year or so, it’s officially recognized by the legend’s late wife Diana Hart and she plans to send it to WWE HQ.

She told fans at a wrestling convention in London last week that she had previously reached out to WWE, but has no answer as to why Bulldog isn’t already in.

Everyone from Mick Foley to David Hasselhoff have endorsed the petition.

[You could assume the way Davey Boy died is playing a role in WWE keeping him out, but then that would be hypocritical considering some of the people already inducted. It might be more of a business decision. The company like to space out the induction of high profile names and Davey may simply be a wild card. Maybe they even plan to have a Wrestlemania in the UK or Europe one day.]

Goldberg Calls Out Donald Trump and Roman Reigns

Another Wrestling Podcast has footage of Goldberg and other wrestling stars from the recent New England Fan Fest 5 in Providence, Rhode Island.

Goldberg says he wants to spear Presidential candidate Donald Trump, and also calls out Roman Reigns.

[Hey if Goldberg wants one more match, a battle of the spears would be great.]

Jake Roberts Maintaining His Health

WWE Hall of Famer Jakes Roberts discussed maintaining his health in a recent interview with the Two Man Power Trip:

I feel absolutely unbelievable. To go from where I was to where I am now in the last three years it seems like a crazy roller coaster ride. I had given up on life. I am a poster-boy now. I showed what you can do with the help of DDP Yoga and that you can still have good times in your life.

It’s not hard work because being skinny is good. It’s about doing the right things and making sure the next day you wake up with a smile on your face because it makes it a whole lot easier. When you start off slow and build up gradually and you do it smart after a while it becomes second nature. Your body starts to really feel good.

Making the decision to do it was real scary and I’ll be honest with you I didn’t think I would last more than a week. I was drinking and doing cocaine every day and to quit that cold turkey was hard. Nobody does that cold turkey, but I did. Once I got started it was actually easy. Each day I just looked at as one day and then another day, then another and it just started to add up and the next you know I’m on one month, two months, three months and your off.