Titus O’Neil Suspended, Bryan Kept Seizures From Doctors

Titus suspended

Titus Suspended For Getting Physical With Vince

PWInsider.com is reporting that Titus O’Niel has been suspended from WWE for 90 days, for getting physical with Vince McMahon.

The incident occurred at the very end of Daniel Bryan retirement celebration on the stage. Titus grabbed at Vince’s arm and it seems like he attempted to do a handshake and shoulder bump. However Vince awkwardly rejected him.

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The decision to suspend him for “unprofessional conduct” came before this week’s SmackDown tapings.

Daniel Bryan On ESPN Clip

Daniel Bryan was this week’s guest on ESPN SportCenter’s wrestling segment. Interestingly he revealed that he experienced seizures after his final concussion and hid this from doctors until recent tests were done. These revealed a subacute lesion in the temporal parietal region of his brain.