Brock Lesnar UFC-Bound, Stripper Shoots On Enzo, Jason Jordan Storyline ‘Stupid’

Jon Jones Brock Lesnar

Jon Jones Calls Out Brock Lesnar

Following his UFC Light Heavyweight Championship victory over Daniel Cormier last night, Jon Jones called out Brock Lesnar – further fueling rumors that the WWE Universal Champion is headed back to the Octagon.

“Brock Lesnar, if you want to know what it feels like to get your ass kicked by a guy who weighs 40 pounds less than you, meet me in the octagon,” said Jones during his post-fight interview.

In response Lesnar told the Associated Press: “Be careful what you wish for, young man.”

Lesnar is of course under contract to WWE until 2018 and he also has to finish the USADA suspension for using steroids in his last fight against Mark Hunt. At the post-PPV press conference Dana White said the earliest a fight with Jones could go ahead would be 6 months.

Meanwhile Lesnar made a rare appearance on the SmackDown brand last night, for the big farewell house show to the Joe Louis Arena. He defeated Samoa Joe to retain the Universal title.

Also at the event WWE announced the return of the Hell In A Cell PPV, which will be a SmackDown branded event on October 8th.

Stripper Calls Enzo ‘Stuck Up’

He’s known as being brash and cocky on screen, but Enzo Amore’s character may not be too different from the man himself. At least that’s what a stripper from The Body Shop Gentlemen’s Club in Buffalo, NY, said on Twitter after an alleged run-in with the ‘stuck up’ WWE Superstar following Friday’s house show. Here’s the full feed of Tweets made by ‘Queen Bee’:

So a #wwe star named Enzo came into thr club i work in and was STUCK UP AF, didn’t wanna let a dollar go!

He kept talking about how cool he was and gave his boy a little money to tip

We had a really forced convo because he was high af and was looking for a girl to take home!

I dont smoke at all or drink alcohol a lot so i said no. He said just come watch…. creep alert

He was enamored with all of the black girls butts. Clearly i tried to bank off that

He got a couple spanks and “showered” me with about $10 in singles even tho he kept telling me how famous and rich he was..

I just kept thinking if youre so famous how come i never heard of you? I didn’t say it cuz i still wanted money off him

So this #wwe star(?) Juat wanted girl attention and to talk about himself so i blocked him off to suffer thru the convo still hoping on $$$$

I thought about whay we had in common… former huge #wwf fan of 80s-90s and the attitude era (me)talking #wwe enzo. Kinda cool i guess.

I asked for a pic just for myself to show friends (i dont hv a lotta ppl knowinf my profession so i dont post all that) he said too famous

I agreed and said “true you dont wanna get tmz’d” he said it happens a lot @tmz

He kinda got cool and the conversation got natural. Then he said “the whore on stage is really earning her money”… wouldnt get up to tip

Whore? She had a whole rich famous star (?) She never met or heard (she was on stage) calling her a whore… ew… rude

So i still try. It was 330a. I wanted to hit my $1k goal i was a couple hundred short. Surely this #wwe dude had it? He kept saying he did

He told me i was the total package. Face. Body. Personality. Yay! Am i securing the bag?

Then Enzo said its a shame i dont smoke ok i move the convo to common ground. “Actually growing up i wanted to be a #wwfDiva so bad”

“How did you get into it?” He pointed at himself. “Look at me. Im a rockstar. I got the look”

Then Enzo says “yeah a lot of my #wwe coworkers definitely started on the pole for sure”… i told him i had to talk to thr dj and bounced

Seriously if youre so rich and famous why are you so lonely to find a girl to WATCH you smoke. Isnt p***y being thrown at you?

He was proud to show me his blue checkmark on instagram

His local buddy that i knew thru a few friends appologized for him. Im used to people looking for take home girls and attentiom BUT A “STAR”

Enzo u wack af. Thanks for the $10. Im gonna go get breakfast

He just seemed full of him self and stingy. You go to the club to ball.. at least spend… not talk about ur money! Spend it! We neef it lol

He literally said that verbatim about the $2500 fine for smoking. Why brag about money in a gentlemens club tho? Just getting girl attn

How am i costinf him his job. All i know is i didnt like his attitude so….

Cuz i get no kinda gain picking this lie to tell. He was in buffalo for work. Stayed the holiday inn. He had a mutual friend that was local

I learnes about him when the dj told me go out n talk to him… and from his apparently HUGE fanbase this morning

He said he was in town for work. I guess that there was a wwe event? Which explains why the club was DEAD. I woulda stayed home.

It’s worth noting that while Marijuana is banned under the WWE Wellness Policy, a positive test does not result in an immediate suspension – rather the Superstar must pay a $2,500 fine for the first violation. It’s been known in the past that several stars chose to take the fines rather than give up smoking, but this did result in being in the ‘doghouse’ creatively. This might explain some of the alleged ‘heat’ on Enzo by WWE management.

Enzo has not given his side of the story.

Shane Douglas Shoots On Jason Jordan Storyline

ECW Original Shane Douglas told the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast that WWE doesn’t need “any more stupid sh*t” regarding the Jason Jordan/Kurt Angle son storyline.

…That is no reflection on Jordan or Kurt but it is on the storyline. The fans are ready to sync their teeth into more believability and more realism as opposed to something like Shane Douglas’s father was an alien. You’ve got to keep some semblance of believability. We always talk about the fans ability to suspend disbelief but when you look at that storyline in this day and age with and all of these ads where you can type in a guy’s last name and you’ll be astounded at the results you get or the offers you get pitched.

I learned from Paul Heyman a long time ago that there are certain storylines that you can do and push the envelope but there are others that you try to do and at some point that damn thing called a pesky fact or as my old professor would call them “those damn pesky facts” show up and people will realize or Jordan’s family members will realize at some point that he isn’t related to Kurt Angle and it is all bullsh*t. To put something out there that is so cartoony and has fake bulls*t written all over it, why put it out there? It isn’t 1965 with televisions that have rabbit ears, I can ask my sons a question and I see their thumbs going a million miles an hour and they’ve already got the answer thirteen seconds later. I just think that maybe Vince is believing the it is “Sports Entertainment” and everybody knows it is fake.”

I don’t know if Vince honestly believes that the suspension of disbelief is unimportant or that you can just write it in. What is next? Is Kurt Angle or Hunter going to be allergic to kryptonite? Sooner or later it is going to have to go somewhere and you have to keep pushing the envelope further and further. Or Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar is going to allergic to salt or some kind of basic carbon so Brock Lesnar has to be surrounded by a bubble. You can only go so far before you become f*cking absurd and to me this storyline is pushing up to that level of being f*cking absurd. You’ve got an American Olympic hero being rendered in a storyline that to me twinges on racist and to me it is a very strange storyline and everybody on the planet who has ever watched is going to know it is bullish*t and I don’t know why you would go there with it. I know the reason in the back of my head that I believe and it is Vince is sitting back laughing say that it is funny as hell. The fans ain’t buying it and we wonder why Raw is under a 2 and sinking like a stone.

[Something tells me there’s more to this storyline than meets the eye. Either Jason Jordan tricked Angle in some way and will turn on him, and/or Triple H/Stephanie put him up to it to build to Kurt’s rumored retirement match against Hunter. Playing it straight seems too stupid even by WWE’s standards].