Porn Site Jokes About New Day, Triple H On NXT vs ROH, Del Rey On Training Divas

New Day Brazzers

Brazzers Tweets New Day

Porn company Brazzers continues to attach itself to WWE. In a recent Tweet to members of the New Day, they said they’d get behind the faction “but unfortunately supporting the ‘clap’ isn’t something we can do,” obviously referencing sexually transmitted diseases.

In the past Brazzers has offered Dolph Ziggler a porn deal.

NXT Isn’t Targeting ROH

In yesterday’s media conference call promoting NXT Takeover: Brooklyn, Triple H denied that NXT is targeting ROH with their event schedule. He said NXT is simply drawing from WWE’s big events like SummerSlam in Brooklyn and Night of Champions in Texas in September, and that if anything it is ROH who have rode WWE’s coattails during Wrestlemania weekend etc.

He assured fans that NXT is about NXT, and they aren’t interesting in actively harming any other promotion.

Sara Del Rey Calls Training Job a Dream

Although many wrestling fans were disappointed that Sara Del Rey was never given a shot in WWE as a performer, she told Sports Illustrated that her role as a trainer is a dream, and she prefers it to wrestling in front of audiences:

“It’s a void not having a trainer for the Divas, and that’s an area that should be covered. It was kind of my dream job, but it didn’t exist so I didn’t know if it was possible. It all happened so perfectly—in my mind at least. Performing wasn’t my passion. It is training and being in the ring and learning just the skills it takes to perform.”